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Each Magnises member carries our distinctive metal membership card, which extends and enhances their pre-existing credit or debit card, and provides perks, benefits, and access to numerous high-end brands.

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Upon admittance, Magnises will construct a card for each new member. Magnises will then extend the magnetic signature from the member's personally owned credit or debit card onto their new Magnises card.

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Perks & benefits

The Magnises card provides perks, access, and top-tier service at restaurants, bars, shops, boutiques, and hotels. Cardholders can socialize and network at Magnises-sponsored concerts, private dinners, art openings, and other special events.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Magnises card?

The Magnises card offers perks, access, and top-tier service at restaurants, bars, shops, boutiques, and hotels. Cardholders can socialize and network at Magnises-sponsored concerts, private dinners, art openings, and other unique events

What benefits do I get with the card?

Magnises cardholders get special access, perks, and top-tier service at a number of restaurants, bars, clubs, gyms, shops, and hotels. In addition, Magnises hosts a number of events—chef-series dinners, happy hours, educational talks, partnership launches, and large-scale parties—that cardholders can attend.

How do I get a card?

You can fill out an application on our website. If you pass the initial screening process, we will follow up with a quick phone interview. If you are accepted, we will construct and issue you your very own Magnises card.

How does the Magnises card work?

If accepted, you will receive your very own Magnises card that is engraved with your name. You will then have to swing by our townhouse, where we are able to link up your ordinary credit/debit card to your Magnises card, at which point, you can begin using your Magnises card!

Will the Magnises card affect my current card’s rewards program or monthly statements?

No, using the Magnises card will not change your rewards programs or monthly statements – you will continue to earn points/rewards and receive your monthly bill.

What if I lose my Magnises card or my credit/debit card?

Losing your Magnises card is like losing any credit/debit card. First, you will need to call your bank and cancel the credit/debit card that the Magnises card links up to. Once a new bankcard is issued, you can order a replacement Magnises card and link it up to the new bankcard.
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Buzz has been swirling around Magnises, the new black card on the block.
  • image descriptionRestaurants

    Secure reservations and receive top-tier treatment at restaurants throughout the city.
  • image descriptionShopping

    Shop and experience special unveilings and service at some of NYC’s best luxury boutiques.
  • image descriptionFitness

    We will get you in the door at the city’s best known fitness centers as well as the top-up-and-coming specialty gyms.
  • image descriptionPrivate Events

    Attend cocktail parties, dinners, concerts, art openings, and other unique events hosted by Magnises.
  • image descriptionThe Townhouse

    Drop by the Magnises Townhouse at Abingdon Square to work, relax, and network with other members.
  • image descriptionHotels

    Get automatic upgrades and premium service at top hotels around town.
  • image descriptionTransportation

    Ride in style with our hand picked drivers.
  • image descriptionBars & Clubs

    Receive access and recommendations to many of the most fun venues across the city.
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The perks and privileges community has caught the eye of a number of notable members. bilboard

About Magnises

Our members are the thrill-seekers, the hard-workers, & the go-getters. We are an international group of people looking to create and maximize our experiences. We have shaped our own success in a variety of fields including technology, fashion, finance, and entertainment, and we constantly try to push ourselves further. Magnises is the bond that brings us all together.